Aloha! My name is Tiffany Manchester

I am a personal life coach with the simple desire to help you believe in magic!


By magic I mean; the belief in your Self to ask for what you really want, along with the belief in the Universal’s purpose to give you everything you desire. That’s right, once you know what you want and make an unwavering commitment to yourself to achieving AND receiving it, you will experience more than you ever imagined possible. Now that’s magic!

What could that look like? While the specifics are personal to you, in general it’s about bringing more wealth, health, and happiness into your life.

We deserve to BE Happy, each and every one of us, no matter what the reality of our individual situations may look like.

I have experienced setback, heartache, and a real sense of disconnect to the world and my place in it. It was in those darkest times that I learned what it really means to love myself, but I had to start in the most basic of ways. Gradually over time, and little by little I discovered tools and strategies that helped me to re-build and strengthen my sense of ‘self’, finding clarity and fulfillment in a way that I never imagined possible.

And now I am here to share these tools and strategies with you!

First, here’s my story (well, some of it anyway):

For me, life as a Canadian professional whitewater kayaker was the true beginning of my ‘self-discovery tour’. 

It was the first real commitment I gave to myself, and over time it taught me that life (as well as kayaking) is over 90% mental. No matter how much skill I had it was my mind that provided me with the ability to make smart choices or to run a rapid successfully. The competitive freestyle scene allowed me to focus on this, and the more I learned to believe in myself the better I performed. From 1999-2007 I was an eight-time National Team Member, won three Canadian titles, one North American title, and a bronze medal at the 2004 World Championships in Australia.

I prefer to see life as ‘ninja training’, where every experience is an opportunity to strengthen my mind, body, and spirit.IMG_0478

TManchester-SBC-70311So I used the ninja concept to develop a junior freestyle kayaking program that involved training in both the physical and mental aspects of competition, team work, sponsorship negotiations, and general mentoring. Some of those young performers became world class athletes and champions, and many continue to make a mark within the industry today. I am so grateful to have participated in the beginning of their careers!

Eventually I became dissatisfied and pretty worn out at a personal level. Yep, all the pressure from competition, sponsorship obligation, and personal/media expectation were no longer the joyful experiences they had once been.

And then things really fell apart. My main sponsor dropped my contract, followed by a shocking discovery that my fiance/coach/business partner left me for another woman.

It was obviously a turning point for me: a time to change things up or let go.

Leaving ‘the scene’ was the choice I made and it was a really big deal! It took a lot of thought, patience, and action to transition completely.

And then what?

I decided to create new opportunities by applying my passion and knowledge from the sport in other ways.

I found myself in Hawaii on the Big Island, living a different kind of lifestyle where all the action now happens from my phone (coaching clients), from a stage (speaking engagements), and from the water (hosting surf clinics).

I now live in a place overlooking my local surf break with my A-mazing boyfriend/partner in a crime, a place I also call my office, and where surfing is my new kayaking.


I believe that participation in life’s continuous journey of growth and change is one path to happiness, and this is one path I choose. It empowers me to take responsibility for my ‘self’ and to consciously create a reality that I enjoy.

Sign up to receive my blog, tell me your story, invest in yourself and sign up for my coaching program (btw, I only accept 5 people/month so reserve your spot now if you are interested). I want you to believe in the magical possibilities that can’t wait to knock on your door!

Connect with me ~ here ~ to sign up today for your free discovery session!

BE Happy 🙂

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