How to Handle Crushing Disappointment and Get back to Ohm in 60 minutes or less.

We’ve all been shocked when an outcome doesn’t turn out the way we want it to. Can you remember your latest upset? One such IMG_0713unfortunate event happened to me just this week…

I was sure I was going to win a scholarship to this school I had applied for. The reason I knew was because I felt guided through the whole process. I had to make a video for the entry, and while I didn’t know the first thing about making videos I was charged up to do it anyway!

From creating a storyline to writing the script, and from filming to editing I felt authentic and aligned with the message of the school.

The video turned out pretty darn well, and I had so much confidence in it! So when my name was not of the list of the winners it was a major sting…crushing…and I mean Big Time.

My reaction was full of emotional upset. From denial, to anger, to embarrassment, to doubt, and it sounded something like this:

“This doesn’t make sense, I felt so guided. I put all that effort in for nothing. Man, am I naive? Am I crazy? How am I supposed to trust the Universe when I keep feeling tricked by it?”

Sound familiar?

Well, like you, I too know that living from a place of reaction is an endless cycle of misery, so once again I decided to let my higher self guide the way. It allowed me to ask myself questions that could offer gentler, more healing answers:

“What is the lesson here? Was I really ready for that school? What am I not seeing that I need to look at?”

I discovered that while I felt guided through the process, along the way I also created expectations of what the outcome would look like. I left the present and before I knew it my mind was living in the future.

You see, the truth is I don’t have the answers about what’s next and I never will. I really don’t know anything about what is to come even when it feels certain that I do.

So the best I can do is what feels right from moment to moment, by following what feels good. And when I don’t feel good it’s time to stop and reflect, explore my thoughts and come back to the ones that do.

When I did this, I realized that my video message was not as clear as I thought because I was trying really hard to BE something more than what I AM right now. Why? Simply out of fear that I’m not good enough.

They sensed it, and I have been given the gift to come back to the present. Now I am working from a place of self acceptance, knowing that what I DO have to offer in this very moment is perfectly perfect.

Wowzers, it really is that easy. You know it, I know it. But for some reason we like to make it difficult. We like to get in the way of the flow and forget how perfect everything already is and how perfect everything WILL be.

So when you have a disappointing experience, here are 4 steps I have found that help me to get up and back on my path in less time than it takes to bake a cake. I hope it helps you too 😉

  1. REACT – Yep you heard me, no denial here! Give yourself 20 min. to let those emotions come up. Cry, laugh, pout, feel anger…whatever you need to feel, feel (just don’t hurt anyone with them). 
  2. RELEASE – Now let your emotions pass, meaning release yourself of them. Instead of grasping on to one and letting it consume you for days on end (like we so often do), let it go instead! Give yourself 20 min. to come to a place in your mind where you can be still.
  3. REST– Only when your heart is open will thoughts of truth emerge. A yummy 20 min. here will really give you some space to listen for the next step. Just breathe. Focus on your breath…in…out…in…out.
  4. RESPOND – 20 min. Now you can move forward with a lovingly logical step. Even if your answer is that you don’t know the answer…that’s the answer for now because it is your authentic truth.

*(Repeat whenever necessary, making the times longer or shorter depending on what you need to move through the process).

There’s really no need to worry. When I am  ready, when you are ready, these moments too, will pass. And so another step shall be taken. It’s inevitable. We WILL get there 🙂

Now that’s what I call Magic!

With Love,

Tiffany xoxo

p.s. So what about you? How do you get over upset? I’m curious and would love to learn from you! Please share in the comments below or send me a message ~ here ~. Let’s connect!

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