STEPS 4 and 5 on WASH away your FEAR in 5 SIMPLE STEPS

STEP 4: Create an action plan

It’s totally doable.  Trust yourself!  Design a plan of realistic, achievable steps to get you where you want to go. If your goal is to swim with the dolphins then take swimming lessons, go to the beach and watch your friends splash around and have them teach you about the currents. Work your way into the ocean and relax in her arms, put on some goggles and explore.

When the fear arises in your mind take an objective look at it.  Where did it come from? Is it true or is it just a belief I learned back in the day? Is this fear necessary right now?

Achieving the overall goal is more enjoyable and more likely when you create wins for yourself along the way.

*When the doubt resurfaces refer back to #3 (that is, your commitment to overcoming it). Re-align with your goal and jump back in!

And the final step…

STEP 5: Experience the outcome!IMG_0610

Knowing you have done all you can to prepare, enjoy the moment no matter what the outcome! Perhaps you dive and play with the dolphins for an hour or maybe you flop around and get out after 5 minutes. Whatever it looks like acknowledge how far you’ve come!

*Bonus Swim: You’ve got momentum and you’ve got strategy so keep it flowing…imagine what you can accomplish a year from now!


As a personal life coach Tiffany Manchester helps Athletes, Artists, and Fun, Fearless Women to create and maintain fulfillment in their experience of life. Click here to sign up for your free strategy session and to learn more about coaching!

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