STEPS 2 and 3 on WASH away your FEAR in 5 SIMPLE STEPS

Okay, now that you know from Step 1 last week that the the power is within you, let’s take a look at what’s next:

 STEP 2: Pinpoint the fearfear

Pick a fear you’d like to overcome. It may start with a broad concept like ‘I’m afraid of water’, but what you really want to do is get to the root of the fear, so here’s what you do:

Look at yourself closely (like with the same inspection you give yourself when looking in the mirror before a hot date, only do this with your thoughts), and break it down into something stunningly specific. For example:

‘I’m afraid of drowning’ or ‘I’m afraid of not knowing what’s around me and then being attacked’.

Now you’ve really got something to work with. What percentage of you believes you can overcome it? Make note of it.

Let’s proceed to the next step…

 STEP 3: Make a personal commitment to overcome it

Decide if overcoming the fear is something you truly want. It has to come from you first and foremost. If the answer is yes, make the decision to NEVER GIVE UP no matter how deeply rooted the fear is. It’s a process. These things can take time.

With this decision in place what percentage of you now believes you can overcome it? Has the number changed to represent your commitment to it? (Hint, the answer should be a distinct HELL YEAH!) Again, make note.

*This is a very important step because it is our unwavering commitment that allows us to achieve even the most uncomfortable of goals.

So what do you think about this? I welcome your thoughts!


P.s. Tune in next week for steps 4 and 5!

As a personal life coach Tiffany Manchester helps Athletes, Artists, and Fun, Fearless Women everywhere to create and maintain fulfillment in their experience of life. For more info on Tiffany’s coaching program and to sign up for a free strategy session go here!

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