Turn your FEAR INTO WATER and wash it away in 5 SIMPLE STEPS

fearThis month’s theme is FEAR. Because it’s the new year, which means new years resolutions and the fear behind the decision to make change in our lives and then going ahead and doing it. Use this month’s blog posts to help you overcome your fears and get things done!

Below is the first step, so remember to check back in next week or subscribe to get the posts sent to you!  xo Tiff

STEP 1: Accept the power within you

Believe this and you can do anything…for realsies (and that’s no typo). You may have boxes full of tools and strategies, but without the acceptance of this statement your accomplishment percentages drop significantly.

Why, you ask? Because everything you see and feel is a manifestation of your own thoughts. Whether those thoughts are based on imagination or past experience it doesn’t matter. What matters is the simple truth, which is this:

  “What you believe is what you see”

So tell me, what percentage of your mind believes this statement? 20%? 70%? 100%? Be honest with yourself, the first number that comes to your mind is the truth. Own it.

Now that you’ve got your number, let’s get it higher (and if you’re already at 100% you’re the cat’s ass and better comment on this blog to help others).

How do we do this? Like this: pick 2 significant goals that were on your list for 2012; one that you accomplished and one you did not. (C’mon, you sure there’s no lingering goal yet to be dealt with)?

Of the goal you accomplished, what were your thoughts behind it? What was your driving force? What percentage of you knew you could do it? Now ask yourself the same questions for the second goal. Notice the difference in your answers?

The difference is this: When you believe you can do something, you will make achievable steps to get there. When you don’t believe it, you will secretly sabotage yourself from the very beginning whether you realize it or not. 

So believe it, the power is within you. This could be your mantra for the week, use it to bring more awareness to the choices you make and why you make them. Plus, it will help for the coming month and, well, forever 🙂

Check back in with me next week for steps 2 and 3 on overcoming fear. Oh and please comment below if you feel inspired, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

As a personal life coach Tiffany Manchester helps Athletes, Artists, and Professional Women create and maintain fulfillment in their experience of life in the Spotlight. For more info on Tiffany’s program and to sign up for a free strategy session go here!

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